Herzfokussiertes Atmen


Get the breathing meditation “Heart-Focused Breathing” based on the Heartmath® method on your smartphone!

In order to be able to use heart-focused breathing effectively even in stressful situations, it is necessary to practice and use this technique regularly. With the Spirah download you always have heart-focused breathing “at hand”.


Make this technique your habit!

In this way you interrupt automatic stress reactions, activate renewed emotions and bring about positive changes in your nervous and endocrine systems.






Breath Meditation “Heart-Focused Breathing” *

In 3 steps from an incoherent to a coherent heartbeat.

  • Step 1: Calm your breathing and focus your breath on the heart area
  • Step 2: Breathe through the heart
  • Step 3: Activate a positive feeling


3 x 5 minutes daily heart-focused breathing practice strengthens your heart coherence and has been shown to have a positive impact on your brain and nervous system.


Total length: 6:29 minutes
Price: 10.50
Voiced by Alexander Jonas


Alexander Jonas
Systemic coach, biofeedback and neurofeedback trainer


*Note: Do not practice the Heart Focused Breathing technique while driving or doing other activities that require concentration or alertness.